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Vashikaran Mantra that Worked for Me




Jan 7, 2012 by Anil Kumar Turkiya

Vashikaran is An Occult science of attraction,By which you can attract your Mate,Girlfriend , Wife , Husband Anything that is Living ! from ages its practised in india and all over the world ! Its A Science for Welfare of Mankind. And i want to regenerate its roots, Its As Simple as Singing a Song and your Mate will love you for this ! Please Don’t Use These Powers in Wrong Way if you done so then these powers may harm you !

Warning for Spells Usage

Spells, every one is aware of spells, as there are many different types of spells, spells for love, spells for money, spells for goodluck and so on. Remember this is a very big work and again if you are not aware with proper spells, then they may even go against you and destroy you so it is a warning that unless you are aware and perfect in the arts of performing spells please don’t try it as it can be harmful and reverse on you and in some times what ever you are trying to do on others, may come on you also so it is better that first you may take proper guidance and then go for it, also use this power only for positive purpose and not for negative work, as these things are meant only for success and not for destruction and you should not forget it.

Answer My Questions

What will you Do if your Husband Want Divorce ??

What will you do if your Girlfriend Don’t Love you ??

What if your Husband Having Lots Of affairs ??

What will you do if your wife cheating you ??

How to Get Your DreamGirl In Reality ??


I Got The Answer :: VASHIKARAN SHAKTI ::


How to Perform – Material Required

ASTHGANDH What Is Asth Gandh??? :: Asthgandh is Combination of two Words Asth+Gandh
Asth=8 Gandh = Perfumes

You will need 8 kind of perfumes it may be artificial or original like – Kesar, gorochan, red chandan , white chandan ,kasturi , Camphor , Agar, Tagar, Haldi, Turmeric,Kumkum, Shilajeet.

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Bedsheet Red In Colour
Vashikaran Yantra
Red Cloth For Covering Your Head
Diya Or Candles 7
Ganesh Murti Or Photo
Niddle or Sui
Arti Stuff Like Plate , Ghee so on..
Protection TaaBeej


On Wednesday or Thursday Morning After Bath Go to Nearest Forest, or Mountains Top. Place Your Red Bedsheet on A Clean And Calm Place Now Sit Down And Keep Your Face To The Direction Where Sun Rises. And Make A Tilak on your Forehead and after That Place There Your Shree Ganesh Photo or Murti And Make A Tika (A red Spot ) On Shree Ganesh Murti Or Photo . Now Lite 7 Incense Sticks and seven candles or diya . After That Take Niddle In your Hand And Make a round Circle Around You With A Sound Of Raam Ram keep Chanting And Move Your Niddle In Round Direction and when it Finish place your niddle at the two ends where the circle meets . Now Devote Some Red Flowers to Shree Ganesh Or Your fav Lord And Ask Them To Give You Success In Your Work !

Chant This Mantra 108 times

Replace Amuk With The First Name Of your Lover . and Chant it 108 times Daily At Same Place Same time For 41 days If He/She Come to You InBetween These 41 Days Then Don’t Left Your Sadhana incomplete ! Complete It and The He/She Wil Be With You for Life Time !

If you Want 100% Success Then

  • Make Strong Believe On Mantra Shakti
  • Forget Everthing While Chanting Mantra Never Fear
  • A Little Disbelief Will Make Your Whole Vidhi Worthless !
  • Never Tell Anyone About Your Sadhana, Every Scientist Is Fool For General People ! !
  • Listen Devotional Songs And Keep Your All 41 days time spend on Bhakti

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It May Be A Source Of Danger

Above Mention Vidhi Is Meant For Everyone But Anil Kumar turkiya is not Responsible for anykind of mishap. Perform This Vidhi At Your Own Risk!

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Powerful Attraction Shabar Vashikaran Mantra

Powerful Attraction  Shabar Vashikaran Mantra



Powerful Attraction Vashikaran Mantra is one of the best mantra most of big tantrik and aghori pandit used this mantra so if you control someone ,chant this mantra with the proper way and for more information call Guru Ji +91-9896382592

The theory of attraction in any country is receiving from the history that was to prepare by the specialist astrologer of best akarshan vashikaran Mantra. If you talk about the past history of Indian they believe in the superstition that only give the pain and sorrow so after that after some time to remove this problem astrology prepare all solution that human being having in the life. Best  Shabar  Vashikaran Mantra having their own criteria that can solve your all problem only just simple attraction way. Those who know the value of their life whose person always give the preference to best akarshan vashikaran Mantra to solving the method problem.

For the people there are many reason to do best  Shabar  Vashikaran Mantra  in life because only just worship of god not able to finalized your problem and at last you have to take best akarshan vashikaran Mantra help. A solid best akarshan vashikaran Mantra will support you till end of life and the power of best akarshan vashikaran Mantra who never forget in your whole life. Just few magical mantra of best akarshan vashikaran Mantra give the power to you that another person work as according to you. Then why waste your time in thinking and increasing pain go with best akarshan vashikaran Mantra and get solution.

 Shabar  Vashikaran Mantra

The branch of astrology best akarshan vashikaran Mantra is real adviser to regain your love life also because in your sweet love life complication comes with full of as basket and your lover of distract also so that condition best akarshan vashikaran Mantra is perfect landing port for you. With the assistance of best akarshan vashikaran Mantra specialist you lover loves you lot as past that do you. As according the ratio of love problem solution solved by best akarshan vashikaran Mantra smoothly. So that the percentage of using best akarshan vashikaran Mantra rising speedly.

So for best akarshan vashikaran Mantra to make your life peaceful and sweet. That position you want to in front of your lover by best akarshan vashikaran Mantra you can gain softly with accurate manner to fulfill you life dreams.



Uchchatan Mantra to remove enemy

Uchchatan Mantra to remove enemy

Uchchatan Mantra to remove enemy

Uchchatan Mantra to remove enemy

This is an Uchchatan Mantra. Uchchatan means driving someone away from ones life forever, either by uprooting him from his place of residence or from your mind. These mantras are used only to protect oneself from enemies and those who wish to do you harm.

One has to be most careful about practicing these mantras. I recommend that such methods should be used for protection purposes only, hence I have put them under the broad category of Protection Mantras.

This one here is one such Mantra.The Siddhi [mastery] over this mantra is acquired by reciting it 10,000 times.The word अमुक [amuk] has to be replaced by the name of your enemy.Then to use it for a specific purpose the following procedure has to be followed.

In the afternoon you have to take some dust from the spot where a Donkey has rolled on the ground. This dust has to be picked up with your left hand facing either towards the East or West. Then this dust has to be Abhimintrit [bound] by holding it in your hand and reciting this mantra 108 times. Then you have to throw some of this dust everyday for 7 day on the residence of your enemy.

 It is said that doing this will remove that enemy from your life forever.


Om namo bhimasyaa amuk grahe uchchatan kuru kuru swaha ll

In Hindi

ॐ नमो भीमास्याय अमुक ग्रहे उच्चाटन कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ll

 To consult Guru Ji about any problem, please dial the number mentioned below or email us your problem :

Secret Mohini Mantras

Secret Mohini Mantras

These are Shaabri Tel or Oil Mohini Mantras of attraction. These Mantras are also called Gupt or Secret Mohini Mantras.

Vashikaran Love back mantras

Vashikaran Love back mantras

Siddhi of this Mantra can only be attained on the night of the Hindu festival of Diwali.On the night of Diwali, which is also called the festival of lights this mantra has to be recited 320 times, it is only then that you attain Siddhi.After attaining Siddhi this mantra can be used by Abhimintriting [binding] a little bit of Oil kept in your hands in a small utensil by reciting this mantra 7 times. Then you have to sprinkle a little bit of that Oil on the body of the person you wish to attract. It is said that this will bring that person under your spell of attraction.

Tel Mohini Mantra


Om namo maan mohini rani mohini chal sair ko mastak ghar tel ka deep jal

mohu thal mohu sab jagat mohu aur mohu mohani rani jaa shaiya

baithee mohan darbar Gauri Parvati ki duhai l

Loni chamar ki duhai firae nahi Hanumanth ki aan l

ॐ नमो मन मोहिनी रानी मोहिनी चल सैर को मस्तक घर तेल का दीप जल मोहूँ थल मोहूँ

सब जगतमोहूँ और मोहूँ मोहनी रानी जा शैय्य़ा बैठी मोहन दरबार गौरी पार्वती की दुहाई l

लोनी चमार की दुहाई फिरे नहीं हनुमंत की आन l

The rules for this mantra are exactly like the one given above; the only difference is that the Siddhi for this mantra can be attained by reciting this mantra only once.

Gupt Tel Mohini Mantra


Om namo maan mohini sinhasan baithee moha rahi darbar meri bhakti guru ki

shakti duhai Gauri Parvati Baajrang Bali ki aan nahi to lona chamari ki aan lage l


ॐ नमो मन मोहिनी सिंहासन बैठी मोह रही दरबार मेरी भक्ति गुरुकी शक्ति

दुहाई गौरी पार्वती बजरंग बली की आन नहीं तो लोना चमारी की आन लगे l

Powerful Maha Shivratri Mantras

Powerful Maha Shivratri Mantras


These are some more powerful Shiva Mantras

Lord Shiva

These are some more powerful Shiva Mantras dedicated towards Shiva,the Destructive force out of the Hindu trinity of Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva,the Creater,the Protector and the Destroyer.

These are ancient Vedic Mantras.

Om Namastestu Bhagavan l

Visvesaraya Mahadevaya l

Trayambakaya Tripurantakaya l

Trikagni Kalaya l

Kalagni Rudraya Nil Kanthaya Mrityunjaya l

Sarvesvaraya Sadadhivaya l

Sriman Mahadevaya Namah. ll


नमस्तेस्तु भगवन् l

विश्वेश्वराय महादेवाय l

त्रैय्मबकाय त्रिपुरान्तकाय l

त्रिकाग्नि कालाय l

कालाग्नि रुद्राय नीलकण्ठाय मृत्युंजयाय l

सर्वेश्वराय सदाशिवाय श्रीमान महादेवाय नमः ll


Om Namah Sambhavaya Cha l

Mayaobhavaya Cha l

Namah Shankaraya Cha l

Mayaskaraya Cha l

Namah Shivaya Cha l

Shivtaraya Cha ll


ॐ नमः शम्भवाय च l

मयोभवाय च l

नमः शङ्कराय च l

मयस्कराय च l

नमः शिवाय च l

शिवतराय च ll

These are Vedic Mantras to win favour of Shiva.Shiva is part of the Hindu trinity of Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh,the Creator,the Protector and the Destroyer.Shiva is the Destroyer.

He is the destroyer of ignorance,the destroyer of bad habits and obstacles and the destroyer of evil,amongst countless qualities attributed to him.

These mantras are recited in order to surrender to Shiva fully and in doing so to eradicate ignorance,and attain bliss and happiness in life.

According to the ancient Hindu scriptures Shiva is easy to please and boons are answered quickly and the benefits are gained quickly..

Om vande dev uma pati surguru vande jagatkaaranam l

Vande pannagbhooshan mrugdhar vande pashoona pathim ll

Vande surya shashank vahni nayan vande mukundpriyam l

Vande bhakt jana-ashraya ch varadam vande Shiv-Shankaram ll


ॐ वन्दे देव उमापतिं सुरगुरुं, वन्दे जगत्कारणम् l

वन्दे पन्नगभूषणं मृगधरं, वन्दे पशूनां पतिम् ll

वन्दे सूर्य शशांक वह्नि नयनं, वन्दे मुकुन्दप्रियम् l

वन्दे भक्त जनाश्रयं च वरदं, वन्दे शिवंशंकरम् ll


Om mrutyunjayaaya rudraaya neelakantaaya shambhave l

Amriteshaaya sarvaaya mahadevaaya te namaha ll


ॐ मृत्युंजयाय रुद्राय नीलकण्ठाय शम्भवे l

अमृतेशाय शर्वाय महादेवाय ते नम: ll

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