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Mother Laxmi – The giver of wealth and prosperity

Mother Laxmi – The giver of wealth and prosperity

Mother Laxmi - The giver of wealth and prosperity

Mother Laxmi – The giver of wealth and prosperity



Wealth is the most important thing in a man’s life because unless and until a man is materialistically well off he will never know what spiritualism is and will never be able to embark on the journey of self realization. Diwali, the festival of lights is the most important time to do wealth related Sadhanas because Mother Laxmi says whenever I am prayed to on Diwali I manifest at such a place. The best Sadhana that one should do on Diwali is the Shri Yantra Sadhana. Kamala Tantra is very detailed. Here are revealed small experiments which if done carefully will bring about wealth and prosperity.

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  1. For Success in BusinessOn a full moon night wear a silver band in the ring finger of left hand. This is a great practice specially for people involved in marketing and advertising. If it is a Monday on the full moon night then all the more beneficial.
  2. For Stability In BusinessFor businessmen who feel that their business in not progressing at the right pace should light a holy fire every Wednesday and do Homa with the following mantra:OM HREEM KLEEM NAMO BHAGWATI MAAHESHWARI ANNAPOORNA SWAHA
  3. For continuous gaining of assetsMentally chant the beej mantra of Maha Laxmi as much as possible. Make this a habit, whenever you are free. The beeja mantra of Mahalaxmi is:SHREEM
  4. For removing trade barriers and gain of assetsIf you are unsuccessful in most of your business activities and there are a lot of unforeseen obstacles that suddenly crop up then this experiment is for you. Take a cotton thread and tie seven knots on it. With each knot chant the following Ganpati mantra:OM HREEM SHREEM KLEEM GLOUM GAM SHREE MANMAHA GANADHIPATYE NAMAH

    After that place this thread in a silver amulet and keep this amulet in the front pocket of your shirt/coat. This should be done around 10:00 in the morning.

  5. Important – For people who start a new business and who have an already existing businessIf you have an already existing business and starting a new business in addition to the old business then get any iron article from your old business place on a Saturday evening and place this in the premises from where the new business is operating. Keep this article in a place where it is not moved again and again.
  6. For one who has been engulfed by povertyThis is for people who have been engulfed by poverty and nothing has given them benefit. This Mantra is called as DARIDYA NASHAK LAXMI MANTRA – One that destroys poverty:OM AYEIM HREEM SHREEM KLEEM DARIDYA VINASH KE JAGATPRASOOTYE NAMAH

One should do 1, 3, 5, 7 rosaries of this mantra everyday. The rosary should be of Kamalgatta (dried lotus beads). Do this mantra is front of a picture of Mother Laxmi after lighting a lamp of clarified butter and incense stick.

Mantra to Get Money – Wealth – Prosperity in Hindu Religion in Hindi

Mantra to Get Money – Wealth – Prosperity in Hindu Religion in Hindi

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Lakshmi Mantra

The mantra to get money, wealth and attain prosperity is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. People who do constant japa of this mantra – given below in Hindi – is believed to have attained immense wealth. Those that have attained wealth claim that daily chanting of the mantra helps in focusing – single pointed attention towards their job. It also gives them the hope of good prosperity. The mantra is:


The English transliteration of the Mantra is

Om shrim hrim kleem tribhuvan Mahalakshmiye

asmangh daridraya naraya prachur dhan

dehi dehi kleem hreem shri Om

Black Magic to Win Lottery

Black Magic to Win Lottery


Black Magic to Win Lottery

Black Magic to Win Lottery

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Black Magic to Win Court Case

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Black Magic Mantra to Win Lottery

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Your Lucky Lottery Mantra – Lottery mantra Winning

Your Lucky Lotto Numbers for today

Your Lucky Lottery Mantra – Lottery mantra Winning

Your Lucky Lottery Mantra – Lottery mantra Winning





Lottery mantra 2014



Lakshmi, is  the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Chant her mantra to be reach, for promotion in job, for success and personal virtues. The mantra will help you to bring good luck and fortune

A Ganesha Mantra to win Lottery and remove Debt

lottery mantra

lottery mantra

A Ganesha Mantra to  win Lottery and remove Debt


Of course Ganesha is the best place to begin when you are starting something new and for the New Year we also need the blessings of Lakshmi to bring us wealth and abundance over the next 12 months.  There are numerous mantras that invoke both Ganesha and Lakshmi together.

A simple one is OM Gam Ganapataye Vara Varada Gam OM

And there is a specific form of this mantra that is of particular importance in the alleviation of debts.  It is intended to be practiced for 40 consecutive days in order to bear its full fruit.  So get our your japa beads!

OM Shreem Gam Runa Hartaye Gam Shreem OM Ganapatayae Namaha

OM Shreem is a mantra that invokes Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, Gam is Ganesha in seed form, Runa is that which sticks to me…debts, Hartaye means to destroy, Gam is Ganesha again to remove obstacles, Shreem is Lakshmi again to bring wealth, OM Ganapayayae is Ganesha and Namaha means to honor or to bow down….in essence the way we say please in a mantra.



Take a cotton thread (it may be mauli ( मौली ) used by priests for tieing at wrist ) of around 20 cetimeters. In the early morning after taking your bath, but before eating anything, meditate on Lord Ganesha and request him to free you from the debts. Then recite the following Mantra, and tie one knot in the thread.


ॐ गं गणपते नमः (Om gan ganpate namah)


Then repeat the Mantra and tie another knot in the thread. Do it for total 7 times i.e. repeating the Mantra 7 times and making 7 knots in the thread .


Then keep this thread in your pocket or a place of worship in your home till the results are achieved, and you will get the desired results very soon.


Mantra to win Lottery or Shares


Wealth is the fuel of life and to earn it one tries every means. But many times even sincere efforts fail to help one win the favour of the Goddess of Wealth. If interested in sudden, legal gains(e.g. lottery or shares) this is the ritual for you.


On a Wednesday place a picture of Laxmi before yourself and pray to the Goddess. Then chant 11 rounds of this mantra with Kamalgatta rosary.


Om Hreem Hreem Ayeim Shreem Shreem Om


Do this for 9 days. If possible continue chanting one round daily even afterwards. If tried with full faith amazing results accrue and one gains money from unexpected sources.

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