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Mantra for Safe Driving: Aad guray nameh

Mantra for Safe Driving: Aad guray nameh



Mantra for Safe Driving

Mantra for Safe Driving


The article disucusses about that You can use this mantra when you start your car, invoking with it your own powerful consciousness.


If you’ve ever been in the car with a Kundalini yogi, you might have been startled to hear them chant a mantra before turning the car on.  What is it that they chant and why?

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Kundalini yogis often chant “Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh, sat guray nameh, siri guru devay nameh” before they put the keys in the ignition for protection.  It’s a yogic “secret” said to provide a buffer around the car for protection from an accident.  It creates a safety perimeter of about nine feet around the car, which in a critical moment of an accident can be very meaningful.

You can use this mantra when you start your car, invoking with it your own powerful consciousness, directing your mind and intention towards thoughts of safety.  You can also use it any other time you need a little boost of protection, such as when walking down a street at night or using it with your kids who might be afraid of the dark.

Playing it while you drive adds extra protection and playing it in your home creates a beautiful environment of safety.

Safe travels!



Mharo helo suno ji rama peer

mharo helo suno ji rama peer

mharo helo suno ji rama peer

This Is The Most Powerful Prayer of Rajasthani Tradition People believe that singing this song loud will cure all diseases and make your any wish come true …

ओ रुणिच रा धणीया ,अजमाल जी रा कंवरा,
माता मेणादे रा लाल ,रानी नेतल रा भरतार ,
म्हारो हेलो सुनो जी रामा पीर जी..
घर घर हूव पूजा थारी ,गाँव गाँव जस गाव जी,
जो कोई लेव नाम पीर रो मनचाया फल पाव जी,
महिमा अपरम्पार थारी,मेडी र धोक लगावा मनड रा फुल चढावा,
ओ रुणिच का धणीया…
देश देश रा आव जातरी,ध्यावे नर और नारी जी,
ध्वजाबन्द हो थे तो धणीया राखो लाज हमारी जी,
ओ रामसा पीर थारी मेडी पर धोक लगावा,
मनडा रा फूल चढावा,ओ रुणिच का धणीया,
आंधलिया न आँख्या दिना ,लंगड़ा न पग दिना जी
बाँझडली न बालक दिना,निरधन न धन दिना जी,
ओ रामसा पीर थारी महिमा है अपरम्पार ,ध्याव ह नर और नार ,
ओ रुणिच का धणीया
डाली बाई हरजस गाव , हरजी चंवर दुलाव जी,
साचा मन स्यु ध्याव ज्यारो बेडो पार हू ज्यावजी ,
ओ रामसा पीर थारा परचा है जग में भारी,सुनो जी अवतारी,
ओ रुणिच का धणीया…..

Kundalini Chakras

Kundalini Chakras

7 Kundalini Yoga Postures to Clear the Chakras

One of the centres of spiritual power in the body Is Known As Chakra ….

I have already tell you about the first chakra that is located in between our eyebrows ..
But by default all this are not active when you reach the stage of  0 Then all this chakras become active … every human can awaken these Chakras by simple method i am telling below..

  • Never Tell Lie (its so difficult)
  • Don’t  Harm any one (include animals and insects)
  • Keep You Thoughts + and in lords devotion
  • Never Eat Non Veg or any Other Thing containing  Flesh
  • Never use leather or lather made things
  • Sleep On Floor
  • Lord Shiva Can  Help you In This Process Ask him daily about your Dream .. and never  miss the same time  ….like your are  going to mandir for all this  @ 6.00pm once then its your schedules  no matter if there is flood , rain, or  your suffering from any disease or  your laying on ICU seat . If You Miss The One Day Then The Whole Process Starts From its Beginning….
  •  Try Do do this in a Old Mandir it Will Reduce Your Time And This Is The Most Suitable place for All This Process
  • Don’t  Tell Anybody  whats going in your mind…
  • If You Accept All This In Your Daily Life Then I assure you If you said in day its night Then  The Sun Move Its Direction And Stars Shine on The Sky.
  • You Will Reach A stage in which you are become Lord ….Like if you say anything from your mouth then it will happen no matter what you said..
  • you can fly
  • you can see throw walls,even you are able to make your self  as small as a house fly

All This Process Is Not For Small Heart Ppl Please think before you try these
((Caution:- Try This @ your own Risk ))

How to Ask Anything from almighty Powers (GOD)

How to Ask Anything from almighty Powers (GOD)

How to Ask Anything from almighty Powers (GOD)

How to Ask Anything from almighty Powers (GOD)

If you have the power to listen what the the heart of a human says when he is in front of mandir dwaar[infront of temple]

usually  they ask all crap things  do you think lord listen your voice and fulfill asap???

ahh nop, some thinks there are  several  places which fulfill their wish??? no way

Belive me There nothing more powerfull then your internal disabled  powers, by all your wrong deeds you have lost your powers !

Now days when i go to my favorite mandir i saw a huge group of youg boys standing outside the gate , from 2to3 days i think they are coming to lords devotion , but finally i came to that the motive was quite  different!

if your going to mandir then its important to put party wears??? fashionable dresses? ahh  what to say ?

please when you go to temple wear simple and formal dress……………

Todays motive for this post……never ask god for anything cause above god there is a law called ” vidhi ”

Sometime god is capable to change it  like

if your death is fixed then he can save you but some time kaal chakra dont permit him to do so

Thanks and live happy

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